Marbella gastronomy

Let’s start with one is a benchmark for Andalusian cuisine. Marbella born Dani Garcia in his 2-star Michelin restaurant BIBO Marbella offers a new innovative kitchen based on contrasts but at the same time maintaining the traditional flavours of Southern Spain.

Within the restaurants he has created two different ambiences: El Rincón de la Abuela where one can enjoy a tranquil conversation with family and friends or the Cocktail Bar, ideal for a lively reunion or La Terraza that he defines as one hundred percent the light of Andalusia.

The famous Michelin guide speaks of BIBO:

“A culinary reference for Andalusia” located within the inside plaza of the luxurious Puente Roman hotel, a modern open space with beautiful vertical gardens that incorporates nature. The chef’s creative cuisine with his own personal stamp offers clients a wide array of possibilities.

We can find another Gastronomic temple in Marbella’s Calle de Adúar, named “Skina” which is also a restaurant awarded a Michelin star and is run by the young chef from Barcelona, Jaume Puigdengolas.

The Michelin guide defines the restaurant as:

“Both interesting and daring! A high-flying gastronomic experience. This miniscule restaurant in Marbella’s Old Town maintains a modern aesthetic with a glass wine cellar. Its creative cuisine is based on traditional recipes using impeccable techniques and top quality products.”

In this small restaurant Seafood is of fundamental importance and is chosen by season selection the best fresh fish daily from the local market. the products are of fundamental importance, being seasonally selected, choosing the best products from the local market each morning. Our menu is constantly changing to achieve the constant appearance of new products. In this way, we obtain a unique experience, enhanced by the world flavors making Skina an unforgettable place.

Skina has found its niche among the great restaurants with its cuisine based on tradition and its link to Andalusia and its customs.

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