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MPM Property Consultants, the buyers’ agent for best results

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MPM Property Consultants, the buyers’ agent, is here to help and support you when acquiring a property in the Marbella area. There are many homes in Marbella and the surrounding areas that look good on paper and in the photos on the website.

As a prospective buyer you will often tend to focus on features such as the number of square metres, the price, the pool and the view. However, our consultants also make the first selection based on more emotional, lifestyle features.

One district of Marbella may be luxurious and prestigious – but it will also be correspondingly expensive and a little distant from the beach or town centre. Another neighbourhood may be beside the beach with wonderful views and cool sea-breezes. But it’s also crowded in Summer.

Each neighbourhood or suburb of Marbella has its own unique features which are well known to us. Therefore we won’t simply recommend a house to you, but we will offer you a chance to buy your dream home and lifestyle in a relaxed, stress-free way.

Have an independent consultant by your side

Choosing a property is one thing, but knowing exactly what you will have to pay for it is another. One expense is the selling agent’s fee and, although the seller has to pay this, the agent may naturally encourage you to buy the property on which he earns the most. As to your own costs, you should budget for transfer taxes and legal fees totalling roughly 10 – 14 per cent of the purchase price. But we will be there to make sure you make the right choices and pay not a Euro too much.

Why MPM Property Consultants?

Why? Because you need someone trustworthy and working for YOU to orchestrate all the parties involved in the purchase of your future home. Apart from the initial, very important, step of selecting properties to view, we will act independently for you in all matters surrounding your purchase. With us as a partner you won’t need to search for a mortgage adviser, a bank, a reliable lawyer, a financial adviser or an architect. You need to be sure everything is under control. Finance, Legal Affairs, Taxation, Construction, Legality, Property Registration, Valuation etc.

MPM Property Consultants is a small, friendly office with an effective professional network, something which is necessary in the purchase of a property in Spain. We will ensure that everything is handled professionally and extremely reliably. For our fees, please refer to “Rates”.

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