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Technical inspection, valuation and the financial completion of a property in Marbella

Technical inspection before you buy a house in MarbellaTechnical inspection

Technical inspection and valuation of a property in Marbella is of course you need to do before you take the important decision to buy.

We have our own architect within our MPM Property Consultants team. She can do the technical inspection of the house in Marbella and draw up a complete report. Whether it concerns an apartment of € 400,000 or a villa of more than € 5,000,000.

Architectural adjustments or changes to the property can be proposed and elaborated by her. Price quotations are backed up by offers requested from only reliable contractors.


For an official appraisal of the property, you can use the agency TINSA, the largest independent appraiser of Spain. They value the property and record it in an official report, which you can also use for any mortgage application. The costs of such a valuation are controlled and you get a good insight the appraised value compared to the asking price.

Financial completion

In this crucial phase, it is really about the details. How do I pay the purchase price? Do I take out a mortgage on the property and do that via a Spanish bank or do I take out a (second) mortgage in my own country? In which name or names do I register the property? How is it later with the sale and also with the possible inheritance taxes? All questions, which you can submit to our tax specialist and lawyer of the MPM Property Consultants team.

Swiss Private Bank

MPM Property Consultants have a unique partnership with an international Private Bank based in Switzerland. We may assist final buyers to get exclusive banking conditions and financing up to 100% of the purchase price, with tailor made solutions for any situation.

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