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The transfer costs for a property in Marbella

The transfer costs for a property in Marbella

The transfer costs for a property in Marbella, in general,  vary between 10% – 13,5% of the purchase price. The transfer costs are as follows:


For new buildings this amounts to 10% VAT, and 1.5% stamp costs.
For existing buildings in Andalucia, this amounts to 8% up to € 400,000, 9% from € 400,000 to € 700,000 and 10% above that.

As an example for the purchase of an existing villa of € 1,000,000, 8% will be paid on the first € 400,000, 9% on the amount of € 400,000 – € 700,000 and 10% on the remainder. Total in this example € 89,000


The notary fees are between 1% and 1,5% or higher, depending on the complexity and the number of pages of the title deed.

Subscription in the official property registers costs between 0.3% -0.7%, to ensure that all documents are officially recorded (Registro de la Propiedad). In case of use of a mortgage, you must take into account additional costs, taxes and commissions of approximately 2.5% -3% of the mortgage amount.

MPM Consultants fees

The work of the real estate consultant is completely free because these costs are passed on to the seller.
The support includes:

  • The use of our unique Selection Tool to determine your preferred profile.
  • Making proposals of properties based on your preferred profile.
  • Our personal discussions and the further refinement of the selection criteria.
  • If desired, a further tour through the various urbanisations/areas.
  • Our guidance at viewings of the selected homes in the Marbella area.
  • Report on the selected homes and new developments in the Marbella area.
  • Assistance with price negotiations and further conditions.
  • Introducing you to the other members of our team who you will need, such as the lawyer, and the follow-up discussions.
  • Our activities are confirmed in writing and remain applicable for a maximum of 6 months.

Lawyer (Abogado)

For all work related to the drafting of the purchase contract, checking the correctness of the data (legal due diligence) and payment of the relevant taxes and other payments and the registration in the Spanish property register. 1% of the purchase price, excl. 21% VAT, is customary.

Tax adviser

For all questions in the field of Spanish taxes € 120 per hour, excl. 21% VAT.


If you wish to have a technical examination carried out by our architect, a fee will be charged calculated on the basis of the area of the property. The architect can also advise you on possible repair work or refurbishment with a cost estimate.
Up to 300m2 € 500, from 300 – 600m2 € 750, and more than 600m2, price on request. Prices excl. 21% VAT


If you require a valuation of the property, we can introduce you to TINSA. This company values the property on a number of criteria including a comparison of the sales value of at least 6 homes in the immediate vicinity. You will then receive an officially recognized valuation report in the Spanish language within 48 hours, which can also be used for your mortgage application after consultation with the bank. Value up to € 750,000 € 700, up to € 2,000,000 € 1,080 and up to € 5,000,000 € 1,460. Additional report in the English language € 300. Prices excl. 21% VAT

Your personal guide for Marbella

For any additional work as personal guide in Marbella prices will be agreed in advance and depend on the service to be provided.

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