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Your personal guide for Marbella

Your personal guide for Marbella is also an important serviYour personal guide for Marbellace of MPM Property Consultants. We are also completely aware of the emotional aspects of a permanent or regular stay in Marbella.

There is a fixed point of contact within our team for all questions to make your life in Marbella easier from the start. Questions such as, which doctor or dentist is best, what is a good and affordable health insurance or can I better stay insured in my own country? Which hospital or private clinic is well regarded.

Which supermarket has the products from my own country. What about the internet and the telephone connection and can I see the TV programs from my own country by satellite or by internet? Which removal company can move the contents safely and which insurance office arranges my insurance portfolio?

At which bank are my money matters properly arranged? Take the car to Spain and put it on Spanish license plates, is that possible and what does it cost? Which (international) schools for my children are in Marbella.
These and all other questions we, as your personal guide around Marbella, will be happy to answer.

MPM Property Consultants, the purchase consultants for real estate from Marbella to Estepona. We are always available to you before, during and after the sale.

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