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Your personal guide in Marbella for all information

Your personal guide in Marbella

Your personal guide in Marbella is also a service provided by MPM Property Consultants real estate advisers in Marbella. We are fully aware of the more emotional aspects of a long-term visit or permanent move to Marbella and offer you the full support of all our team.

For all your questions you will have your own contact person in our team to make your life in Marbella easier. The choice of which doctor or dentist to use. The best arrangements for health insurance in your language – or can you stay insured in your own country. Which hospital, general practitioner or clinic is recommended?

Also which supermarket offers typical English products and how far is it? Is there also an English butcher or where is the nearest English pub? Can you watch English television and what about the internet and telephone connections – how do you arrange those? Which company can safely move your property to Spain and which insurance office is the best?

Which bank is recommended and can I communicate with the staff in English? Should I take my car to Spain and put it on Spanish license plates – is that possible and what does it cost? Which international schools are located in Marbella? These and all other questions we can help you with as your personal guide in Marbella.

We know the Marbella area in detail and as your personal guide in Marbella we can help you in a variety of ways.  Ambulance, emergency doctor, nursing, dentist, plumber or locksmith – you name it – we can tell you where to find it.

MPM PropertyConsultants, real estate advisers for purchasing property in Marbella. Before, during and after your purchase – we are there to ensure this new phase in your life starts out in a well regulated and well planned manner, without unnecessary stress and potential language barriers.

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