Marbella Beach Clubs

Marbella Beach Clubs or Beach Clubs Marbella  are renowned for their style and sophistication. Marbella is known as the favorite holiday destination in Andalusia and often referred to as the Spanish equivalent of Saint Tropez, the city and many of the beaches here are well known for beauty, wealth and the greatest luxury.

Around Marbella there are many beach clubs where you can spend the day lounging on a large sunbed with a cocktail in hand, followed by an evening of fine dining and dancing till the last minute at some of the best nightclubs on the Costa del sol.


Although there are many beach tents (chringuitos) along the beaches of Andalusia, a Marbella beach club offers more. A Marbella beach club often has its own swimming pool and restaurant. Furthermore, it is on the beach with sun loungers so guests can enjoy the best of both worlds. Although they are called ‘clubs’, you can not join a beach club. Some clubs charge an entrance fee, usually a fee will be charged per beach bed, but you will normally receive towels and water for free.

These beach clubs that do not belong to hotels are normally only open during the summer season, from Easter to the end of October.


Below are the most popular beach clubs Marbella.

Sala Beach. Sala Beach praises a laid back atmosphere in a beautiful setting between Puerto Banus and San Pedro. It features a restaurant and first class VIP service.

Nikki Beach. World famous, Nikki Beach, is famous for luxury and the jet-set is very popular. The restaurant offers a great lunch and dinner card. Also suitable for private parties and major events. Nikki Beach Marbella.

Ocean Club Marbella. One of Europe’s largest beach clubs. Ocean Club offers a new concept in exclusivity, avant-garde, fashion and excellent cuisine.

More Marbella beach clubs below these properties:

Mistral Beach. This beach club has been around for quite some time and is well known for the amazing and famous dishes of fish and crustaceans, but also the Italian menu and the cocktails are very popular.

Bono’s Beach Club. The very laid back atmosphere features Bono’s Beach located on one of Marbella’s most beautiful beaches. The restaurant offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu and also the cocktails are not to be soaked.

Club de Playa La Cabane. The atmosphere is great with candlelight dinners as a specialty and always live music on weekends.

Bora Bora. With beach hammocks, a restaurant and 2 different bars, Bora Bora offers ultimate exclusivity and an extensive menu.

Macaao Beach. Macaao beach is renowned for its hospitality and its fantastic French cuisine with Belgian influences. There are plenty of beach beds available, the sea nearby, so be sure to relax. Macaao Beach Club.

Opium Beach Club Marbella. Opium Beach Club is a great opportunity to enjoy a fantastic pool, beach beds by the sea, a fine restaurant and delicious cocktails.


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