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Home Check Service Marbella for when you are away for longer

Home Check Service Marbella ensures that your villa or apartment is checked weekly in your absence. That gives you a feeling of security and peace of mind. We offer this service for a fixed fee per week, based on the type of home and the size of the property. We can also provide an additional quote at your request for additional services or special requests. The fee for this service is from 50 euros (excluding 21% IVA), based on one inspection visit per week. Multiple visits per week are possible.

Standard Services

  • Outside Inspection: The outside inspection includes visual inspection for vandalism, theft or damage; checking the external taps and hoses for leaks; removal of newspapers, flyers, packages, mail and other proof of non-habitation; visual inspection o the outdoor terraces, landscaping, including the pool, jacuzzi, barbecue and the boundaries of the plot. The garage and any vehicles are also checked, amongst other things.
  • Internal Inspection: The internal inspection includes checking for indications of theft, vandalism, damage or other malfunctions; check whether all windows and entrances are closed; checking the operation of the alarm system; visual inspection of walls, ceilings, windows, bath and showers for signs of water damage, leakage or mould; check whether freezers and refrigerators work; visual inspection of the AC system and boiler.

MPM Real Estate Consultants will draw up a completed Home Check report of each inspection visit and send it to you by email or a short message via WhatsApp and keeps an extensive administration of all inspections, if you want to see them at any time.

TIP: If your property is for sale, it is certainly important to use the Home Check Service in your absence. We check whether everything is perfect both inside and outside to guarantee your sales opportunities.

Additional Services

  • Closing Service: In case of a long-term absence, we can offer a so-called “Closing Service.” We take care of setting up the AC system, electrical appliances are disconnected, water supply in house is turned off, boiler is disconnected, water supply to toilets is shut off, washer and dryer disconnected, trash cans brought in, doors and windows checked, perishable items removed from refrigerator, garden furniture is stored, any shutters closed, plus other specific desired matters in consultation.
  • Opening Service: Before you return to the house, we ensure that the water supply is switched on, all electrical appliances connected, AC system started, boiler turned on, the washing machine and dryer connected, any shutters opened, the connections and cleaning of the toilets, garden furniture outside placed, plus other specific desired matters in further consultation.
  • Cleaning Service: if desired, we can deliver the house to you completely clean.
  • Mail Forwarding: ensure important mail is forwarded to an address of your choice, to include the cost of shipping.

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Our Home Check Service gives you peace of mind all year round and can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

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