A certificate of habitability (also known as a “cédula de habitabilidad”) proving that residents can maintain a minimal level of life is required for a property to be legally recognized in Spain. It is a certificate that certifies that the property satisfies the safety and hygienic standards necessary for human habitation and indicates whether or not it is legally permitted for habitation. It is good for fifteen years. If you’ve constructed a new house, made significant changes, or wish to rent or sell your property and your existing certificate has expired, you will need to apply for it.

The laws defining the certificate of habitability differ depending on the Spanish area and the local municipality’s General Urban Planning agency. This implies that while needs, methods of obtaining it, and documentation may differ slightly, there are a number of similar characteristics that are applicable all throughout the nation. It’s commonly referred to as the “Licencia de primera ocupación” in Andalucia.

The following are the most typical minimal standards that must be met for a property to be deemed habitable:
– Be at least 36 square meters in useable area.
– Have a kitchen area, a bathroom area, and a minimum of one living room.
– If the room is a single area, an eight square meter section must be able to be made.
– The minimum room size, if there are many spaces, must be six square meters or more.
– A minimum of 2.5 meters must separate the floor from the ceiling to be livable. It can be 2.20 meters in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways.

Remember that you should make sure the home’s certificate of habitability is current before heading to the notary to finalize a transaction or sign a leasing agreement. This document is necessary when renting or selling a property, as well as when signing contracts for and registering gas, water, and electricity services, in accordance with Law 18/2007, on the right to housing.

For a property in Malaga, you can apply for it online.

You will have to provide:
– Verification that the related fee has been paid.
– A photocopy of your tax identification number, or the tax identification number of an authorized representative. This corresponds to your NIE number.
– A copy of the lease agreement or property deed.

Depending on where you live in Spain and what each province permits, you can either physically deliver them all or transmit them all online. Following receipt, review, and processing of your paperwork, a qualified technician will evaluate your home to determine whether it is habitable and if it satisfies all standards. Usually, the procedure takes one month.